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Monique - The Introduction  (From - The Dream Watcher Collection)

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Monique - A Witch's Brew  (From - The Dream Watcher Collection)

Monique - Witchcraft in the Seines  (From - The Dream Watcher Collection)

Monique - The Seine Mountain Lodge  ( From - Ronnie Coleinger - A Winter Collection)

Monique - Rebellion in the Seines  ( From - Ronnie Coleinger - A Winter Collection)

Monique - The Icing of Planet Earth  ( From - Ronnie Coleinger - A Winter Collection)

MOLON LABE! Come and pry it    
     from my cold. Dead. Hands.

                          Dark Matter and Dark Energy

I am certain that many of you who follow science fiction and the latest scientific discoveries about the cosmos that we humans live within, have heard about dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter is a binding force that keeps our galaxy from flying apart as it spins around the black hole in the center, it is like gravity. Dark energy on the other hand is the force that tries to overcome the forces of dark matter and would send the planets of our galaxy spinning wildly out into the cosmos. I find that the discovery of dark matter and dark energy go hand in hand with the discoveries of eleventh dimension string energy, the building blocks of everything that exists in the cosmos.

I have used dark matter and dark energy in many of the stories I have written. Especially, The Intergalactic Peddler - Volume 5. In that writing I explain a little of how I believe the cosmos was created and how it exists today. You must remember that I am not an astrophysicist nor a scientist, simply a writer of science fiction eBooks. Therefore, I have provided a link to one of NASA's websites so you can read what the scholars of the human race think is happening out there in our vast cosmos. Since I am the author of the novels, I use real science and twist it just enough to make it exciting and believable for my readers. I make many speculations about our existence that you may not believe are accurate. If I stir your mind into thinking about your own existence and  how you were created, I have done my part as a writer. That is my goal in writing, to stir my readers imaginations and tempt people to do the research so they understand what it is they believe deep down in their soul. The link I have provided below will guide you to a place where you can begin to research some of the incredible science we humans are only now beginning to understand.

Link to Dark Matter and Dark Energy Information Website

Do you really believe that ancient time travelers never visited planet Earth? Think real hard about who placed the megalithic structures and the gigantic lines and figures on this planet we modern day humans live upon. Consider the astonishing artwork that has been discovered on the planet Mars. Does it make you wonder if someone or something has visited this planet during its 4.5 billion year existence? It certainly makes me stop and think.

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The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert, Peru.