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The Universes of the Cosmos
Written by: Ronnie Coleinger
Revision Date: February 3, 2020

One of the most exciting parts of writing science fiction is the creation of characters, entities and locations for the stories to unfold. I believe that the creator of this wonderful and complex space/time continuum, created more than just one single universe in the vast regions of the cosmos. If you believe that He only created this one universe, the one we humans live in, you must also ask yourself what occupies the rest of the space in the cosmos. I believe that the cosmos is infinite, yet we know that our universe had a beginning and it may someday abruptly end. So, what else is out there that we don’t know about?

Physicists tell us that our universe has three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. If you asked an alien to pour you a cup of Vodka, you would need to give them four numbers, the latitude, the longitude, the height above the surface of the planet and the time where the cup presently exists. The universes I have shown in this document are ones I have created to support my concepts for time travel beyond this universe we humans presently live in. I would love to be able to stand at the Creator’s side as He looks down upon the cosmos He created and points to each universe as He tells me the name of each of them. I would try hard not to interrupt Him as I ask the multitude of questions that swirl around inside my brain and keep me awake at night. I hope He speaks slowly; my short hand is atrocious.

 Universe Number One
(Named: Lyraja) First known time travelers
Home of the Bahs [Earthviews]
Galaxy is Nosaj
Planet is Reja

Second Planet is Sirhs
Twenty lightyears from the planet Reja

Universe Number Two
(Named: Unnamed) The entities of the planet Earth, always considered this universe the only one in existence, and it never received a name. The Biblical documentation on planet Earth, spoke of their God creating the heaven and the earth. They considered this to mean that the universe that they lived within, was the only one in existence. Today we know that there are many more universes in existence.

Milky Way Galaxy is home of the planet Earth.


IFTT Headquarters - Earth:  located on planet Earth.

The City of Time is located on planet Earth and is the hub of the IFTT Headquarters - Earth. The crew of the Galileo visit the city and deliver their babies there.

You will discover that the second Open Market sometimes appears as Market II in the writings. The IFTT plans to assemble the new market in the Cygnus or outer arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The completion of Market II did not occur until midway through the writing of The Intergalactic Peddler - Volume V.

Fusion Galaxy is home of the Supross [Planet Earth, The Principio]
Fusion Galaxy - Planet Quantum is also home of Janet and her daughters [The Intergalactic Peddler]

Location of the Fusion Galaxy: The home base of the Supross is located a few light years beyond the Andromeda Galaxy. It is easy to find if you draw a straight line from planet Earth, through the center of the Andromeda galaxy just between the twin nuclei. If you were to follow the line you just drew, you would run smack into the galaxy called Fusion.

In Volume VI of the Intergalactic Peddler, Rebecca teleports to a city by the name of Ortom on the Planet Quantum, where she hooked up with a man by the name of Richard.

IFTT Headquarters – Monsal is located in the Fusion Galaxy.

The City of Ortom is home of one of the largest medical facilities in Universe Number Two.

Andromeda Galaxy (M31) –The Andromeda Galaxy is 2.2 million light-years from planet Earth. The planet of Rowkin consists of humans from the planet Earth that have relocated there, and the demords, which are native to the planet. The planet of Rowkin, first discussed in the stories [The Intergalactic Radio], also appeared in the [Intergalactic Peddlers] story.

In the eBook, The Chronicles of Addalyne Yutaka, we discover that the planet Rowkin is the home of Timothy Bassick, an engineer assigned to the Starship Galileo. He and Addalyne fall in love and join in a connubial ceremony to join them as mates. Then Addalyne reunites with her elder, Elder E4, and then joins the crew of the Starship Galileo. Rowkin Flight Operations is located in the capital city of Alliance. The village where Timothy grew up goes by his family’s surname: The village of Bassick

The Andromeda Galaxy is also the location of the IFTT Headquarters - Regnieloc.The IFTT Headquarters main office complex is located on a large asteroid named Regnieloc (reg-na-loc). The asteroid is located just on the outskirts of the Andromeda Galaxy in Universe Number Two. Located within the sixth spiral arm of the M31 (Andromeda) Galaxy.

 Beverly Galaxy – Contained within the Beverly Galaxy is a planet with the name of, Sir James. The planet is an uninhabited planet that contains precious metals and gems. This galaxy and planet became noteworthy in the short story Intergalactic Salvage, beginning on page 329. The Beverly Galaxy appears again in The Intergalactic Peddler - Volume IV, in the eBook titles, Dimensional Time Travelers.

Swift Galaxy – Used in the Star Travelers eBook
Planet of Lace
City Visited is Wixsun
This is the star system the Galileo Time Travel Computer discovered and Tom decided to investigate. The planet turned out to be too hot to support Demordian or human life forms.

Centrum Galaxy – Used in the Star Travelers eBook
Planet of Newlife
City of Dlanor
Star that lights the planet is Dragonian
6.4 million light years from planet Earth
This is the galaxy discovered in The Promise Land chapter of the Star Travelers eBook.

RCR2013 Galaxy
250 million light years from Milky Way Galaxy. Location of Universe Number Two’s: Seed and Biological Vault. Used in the story: Star Travelers. The galaxy is located on the far side of the Coalsack Nebula (Caldwell 99), some 800 light years closer to Universe Number Two’s singularity.

Universe Number Three
(Named: G2)
Home of the entity known as the Swims
Galaxy is Tooken
Planet is Deoblo 12
Description of the Swims on page 5 of [Deoblo 12]

Universe Number Four
(Named: Risch)
Home of the Ganme 
Galaxy is Dygra
Planet is Nalon 
Used in the short story, The Dream Watchers Collection [The Planet of the Giants]
Also used in the Intergalactic Peddler series

Universe Number Five
(Named: Dongor)
Home of the Tewarts [The Intergalactic Peddler – Vol. II]
Galaxy is Vickhar
Planet is Nehica
Note: This universe originally created for the [The Living Comet], but I rewrote that story and never used this universe. This universe was unused in any of my work until I included it in The Intergalactic Peddler – Volume II

Universe Number Six
(Named: Monsal)
Home of the Halews 
Galaxy is Rchpe
Planet is Keemus
Home of the entities known as Monsal’s, AKA (Very Ancient Humans).

Universe Number Six is the location of the Open Market, and the author uses it throughout the Peddler Series.

The Empress hides from the IFTT in The Intergalactic Peddler - Volume I. The entities called Halews are mirror images of humans from the planet Earth.

This universe is the mirror image of universe number two, Earth's universe. Remember back in the story [Planet Earth, The Principio] about Earth's universe colliding with its antimatter mirror image that destroyed the entire cosmos.

Universe Number Seven
(Named: Htrae)
Home of the Dendrals [The Beginning]
Galaxy: Unnamed
Planet is Desab

Universe Number Eight
(Named: Mission Three)
Galaxy is Akatuy
Planet is Naomi II
Jill discovered an unexplored planet in Universe Number Eight. Jill named the planet Naomi II. Pirates attacked the Empress as they began their first attempt to explore this planet.

Universe Number Nine
Used in the story, “The Planet with No Sun,” in the Dream Watchers Collection.

Universe Number Sixty-Seven
(Named: James II)
First Galaxy discovered [Earth year 21,001 A.D.]
Galaxy of Frisco
Planet is Sanfran

Second Galaxy discovered [Earth year 21, 004 A.D.]
Galaxy of Hope
Planet is Earth II

Third Galaxy
Galaxy of Yram
Planet of the Alrons
The Intergalactic Commerce Officer from Peddler Volume IV is “Selpats.”

Jill Marie Yutaka discovered this universe in the novel [The Intergalactic Peddler – Vol II] in the year 20,995 A.D. when her son James was fifteen years old.

 Universe Number Ninety-One
Galaxy is Zeech
Planet is Nacks
Entities are the Antiquus (Latin for ancient)


Used in the Intergalactic Peddler – Volume VI
Rebecca visited the city of Acordia on the Planet Nacks, population 1.6 million registered entities.

The crew of the Starship Galileo delivered emergency medical supplies to this planet in the Star Travelers writings.

 Ronnie Coleinger