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Ronnie and Zelinda Coleinger's Southern USA Castle

            Smithtown North Pole Christmas 2018 Visitors Return Home

​                                             January 7, 2019

I just want to send out a warm thank you to all of our guests that spent the Christmas Holiday with Zelinda and I at the ice palace. We had a great time and ate some deep water fish caught below the palace. Those cold water fish are some of the best tasting fish I have ever cooked. I hope our guests enjoyed their fishing experience.

Santa had a few hours to take our guests up in his sled after He, his reindeer and the elves had a few hours sleep. Thank you, Santa, for the smiles Zelinda and I saw when you returned our friends to the North Tower. Everyone stayed quite warm huddled up inside your sled.

Ronnie Coleinger

A Game of touch football, anyone?

      Smithtown - North Pole - Christmas 2019

                       November 21, 2019

Ronnie Coleinger and family wish to invite you to visit us at Smithtown - North Pole to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Smithtown – North Pole is a vacation get-away built upon the thick ice very near the geographic North Pole. As Ronnie and his wife, Zelinda, struggled with holiday blues over family that had their own agenda for the holidays, he created a place to escape the whining unhappy people of the world. Those people who believe they somehow are the only ones capable of feeling overburdened and overwhelmed by the holidays. In Smithtown NP, only upbeat happy people are welcome to this place of immense beauty and luxury. The palace is located just a few kilometers from Santa’s village. Often times, you can see Santa and his reindeer as they steak across the moonlit night sky as they exercise and stay in shape for their busy schedule on Christmas Eve. The exact address and coordinates of the ice palace will remain secret. However, I will tell you that Ronnie can see the moon’s reflection on the clear surface of the Vultic Ice Sheet just off to the north of the palace. What a sight it is to behold.

The North Pole is in the winter solstice in the month of December. The sun sets in October and never rises again until early March. In the summer, the sun rises and never sets. It is incredible to witness this phenomenon. If you keep a smile on your face, Ronnie may invite you to visit this northern wonderland of ice and snow. Santa has agreed to bring five or six families to Smithtown NP for a couple of weeks. He says his reindeer love the cold weather and need the exercise. Ronnie and his wife hope to see their friends as soon as Santa drops them off in the high tower. Hope you are not afraid of heights, the high tower is a little intimidating the first time you come visiting. Santa’s reindeer have no fear of heights and their sudden bursts of speed and dive bomb landings can unnerve even the hardiest of souls.

The Christmas tree is up and lit with thousands of lights; glittering glass balls reflect the light off the crystal ice walls and the fireplace, making the balls appear as if lit from the inside. The heat from the gas log fireplace in the center of the palace keeps everyone warm and cozy. There are extra warm blankets for the beds. The old hound dog may sleep at the end of your bed and keep your feet warm if he has a mind to. Life if good here in the land of the midnight sun and Ronnie hopes everyone has a very merry Christmas.

Please RSVP as soon as you receive your written invitation by sending a letter addressed to Santa at the North Pole. Please use the following address to insure Santa’s Elves properly forward your letter to Smithtown. The Elves are rather busy this time of year and can misdirect mail if incorrectly addressed. Please mark the envelope with the following words:

Santa Claus
North Pole
Attention: Smithtown – North Pole

Please dress warm with many layers. Santa has heat in his sleigh, but the extreme cold of the arctic can chill even the hardiest souls. Once Santa picks you up, the trip to the North Pole only takes a few minutes. There is no electricity here in the palace, so leave the high technology gadgets at home. Bring only yourself, your warm clothing and your best camera. We eat seafood often, caught in the deep ocean waters below the thick ice of the palace. Hope to see you soon. 

Merry Christmas to all from Smithtown – North Pole
Ronnie Coleinger


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