Time Travel - Eleventh Dimension String Energy

Let your mind wonder to the very edge of your sanity. A place there will allow you to explore the miracles that this universe we live in can provide. Just a few short years ago, man invented the automobile, and then he invented the spacecraft to explore the moon. Allow your mind to explore the next generation of man's transportation and you will discover that if time travel is not physically possible in your lifetime, it is obtainable from within the human mind. Let your dreams be pleasant. Allow your mind to travel through time to the ends of the cosmos.

What destination in the cosmos would you choose to travel if given the chance to time travel in your lifetime? Would you visit Earth's moon? Maybe a day trip back to the beginning of this galaxy we humans live in. Maybe you would like to travel back to the very beginning of time, a place where the vastness of space, became the beginning of time. Have you not looked up into the Heavens and wondered about all the stars that light the sky? Have you never wondered if one of those stars is a sun shining down on a planet where our ancestors once lived or possible still live? Have you ever wondered if there are travelers in the cosmos who have already perfected a means of time travel? Have you considered the possibility that they may have already visited planet Earth?

Have you ever considered what you are looking at when you stare into the sky on a dark night? Can you imagine how many years the light from one of those stars had to travel before falling on your optic nerve? Do you understand that when you look at that star that you are looking back in time? If the star you are gazing upon is 1000 light years from planet Earth, the light you see has traveled at the speed of light for all those years before you see it. With some of the modern day telescopes, we can see almost all the way back to the big bang. Recently, modern day telescopes observed a galaxy that goes by the name of Z8_GND_5296 as being 13.1 billion years old. These telescopes create a zoomed image of a distant object by warping the background light of closer galaxy clusters. You can Google Z8_GND_5296 and discover how these naturally occurring magnifying lenses are created.

 The study of time travel is an endless journey with no exact destination. As our technology gets better, humans grasp for answers to our own existence and to the possible existence of other life forms. The answers to those questions will not come in my lifetime, but that does not mean we writers of science fiction are any less excited about the discoveries the smart ones in our society achieve or the space exploration for which they strive. 

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                  Time Travel – Faster than Light

The Original Concept: Condensate Modulator

To accomplish travel from hover speed to light speed incorporates the use of a special condensate, which is simply a lump of atoms cooled to almost absolute zero. A beam of light shines thru the condensate, and by modulating the beam to the correct wavelengths, the speed of light can be controlled and even stopped. When the correct wavelengths are input, you can change the speed of light from full stop to many times the speed of light. The travel computer can change this modulation and therefore control the travel speed of the eleventh-dimension travel membrane. To accomplish speeds above light speed, each temporal dimension’s energy wavelength is vectorially added and modulates the laser light’s amplitude.

The New Method: String Locomotion

As the IFTT (International Federation of Time Travel) engineers continued to finalize the issues with the new time travel computers, it was determined that travel watches were still required. The engineers understood that even though the designers of the new time travel computers no longer required the travel watches, time travelers still needed to wear their travel watches when venturing off their travel membranes. If an entity moved outside the range of mental telepathy, they would be unable to communicate with the IFTT or the travel membrane.

This new generation of travel computers no longer uses the condensate modulator technology to produce flight; the new method uses a technology called, String Locomotion. It produces locomotion or time travel by adjusting the length of strings of energy instead of modulating a beam of light as the old condensate modulators did.

By allowing the travel computer to adjust the length of the strings of energy, one can create an opposite polarization in the vessel walls from that of the matter that the vessel occupies. It was discovered by the Ganme engineers (the entity that first discovered this new time travel concept) that by adjusting the lengths of the strings of energy, the matter surrounding each string can be modified. By reducing the dark matter force, which holds the travel membrane stationary, and increasing the repulsing light matter, we can gradually reduce the binding force between the travel membrane and the space/time fabric surrounding it. This reduction in the binding force allows a time travel membrane to achieve speeds many thousands of times faster than ever thought possible.

The new technology boils down to this. You can use mind control while aboard a travel membrane or in its proximity, and you can store thousands of flight plans in the new travel computer instead of having to wait while the IFTT uploads a new flight plan to you every time you time travel. To top it off, you no longer have to worry about condensate modulator failures, or teleportation failures, which all time travelers have suffered with at some time in their time travel careers.

There is another very important option available with the new travel computer. You now have the ability to download a backup of your travel computers important records to the IFTT main server, just in case of a system failure. With the backup, the IFTT can provide the skipper of a vessel with a replacement travel computer with all the current data and customer information, literally within minutes. As I said, it is an option, but a very good one for many intergalactic business ventures.  

Ronnie Coleinger

                               Dimensions of Space and Time

Simply stated, the first three dimensions of an object reference its height, width and depth. The objects physical presence in SPACE. Dimension four (often termed the fourth dimension) references an objects presence in TIME. Remember that everything that exists must have a location or TIME in space. My human body exists in space at a particular time; that time is between my conception and my death. Just remember that the first four dimensions determine an objects physical dimensions in SPACE and its location in TIME.

Just a note: Light does not get old. A photon that emerged from the big bang is the same age today as it was then. There is no passage of time at light speed.

Also consider this: Every time you gaze at the night sky you are looking back in time. When you look at a star that is 10,000 light years away, you see the object as it was 10,000 light years ago. The star's light has taken all that time to reach our eyes.

I believe that one can travel faster than light speed by vectorially adding dimensions five through ten to the fourth dimension of time.

To accomplish travel speeds beyond the speed of light, the travel computer simply adds the energy of the next dimension to the speed of light energy. It requires one-dimensional watt/year of energy to travel just slightly below the speed of light. By adding dimension five's energy to the one dimensional watt/year speed, you can jump five times the speed of light. Add dimension six and you get six hundred times the speed of light. Add dimension seven and you get seven thousand times the speed of light. Add dimension eight and you get eighty thousand times the speed of light. Add dimension nine and you get nine hundred thousand times the speed of light.

Dimension ten gives a boost of ten million times the speed of light. With this massive boost of energy, you could travel to the Andromeda Galaxy, which is two million light years away from Earth, in less than one second. However, you would drastically overshoot the galaxy and have to turn back and return at a slower speed.

Remember that you cannot use dimension eleven's energy for speed increase because the time travel membrane is created, contained and held in a stable state by this dimension's energy field

Ronnie Coleinger

                                   The Fulfilling of an Ancient Prophecy
                                           Written by: Ronnie Coleinger

 Recently, an article published by CNN explained how researchers discovered that a void in space is providing a pulling effect on the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies. The researchers now understand that the two galaxies are traveling much faster than the other objects in space. One must remember that everything in space is moving out away from the singularity (Big Bang). Even today, the rate of expansion is increasing.

That subject matter worked perfectly to blend modern day science with my science fiction writings titled, Dimensional Time Travelers, The Intergalactic Peddler Series and The Chronicles of Addalyne Yutaka. As a fiction writer, I love to blend twenty first century science with my musings.

The End of Time – A Paradox

 Many eons ago, ancient archeologists from the Andromeda Galaxy discovered stone tablets describing a prophecy that predicted the end of time. In that story, it was foretold that the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy would join. That joining was to be preceded by the two galaxies increase in cosmic flow. Recent discoveries by the scholars of planet Earth are finding that the events outlined in that prophecy may one day become reality.

Just so you understand, this prophecy was told by our ancient ancestors, I will put pen to paper and give you what was written and how it was discovered. This telling of the prophecy was written down by scientists from Andromeda many centuries ago. Long before bipedal humans walked the face of planet Earth.

 The Prophecy

 The scientists had become aware of a prophecy made many eons ago by time travelers from another universe. The old timers and history scholars had told tales of how the time travelers had journeyed back to the very beginning of time. When they traveled back a few seconds before the beginning, they discovered the end of time. The time break was like a glass wall, one side contained the beginning of time; the other side contained the end of time.

This story was just that, a story; passed down from grandparent to grandchild and seemed to have little merit, but many believe it to be true to this day. The story prophesized that the end of all time supposedly occurred in the Earth year of 60,122 AD.

 The Telling of the Prophecy

 In the Earth year 60,122 AD, star date, 57677000.11, the universe that contained planet Earth (Universe Number Two), collided with its twin mirror image universe (Universe Number Six) and exploded.

The reason for this was due to the joining of two galaxies within Universe Number Two. The Andromeda Galaxy, and the Milky Way Galaxy, coupled their two small black holes into one incredibly supermassive black hole. This black hole continued to expand and finally sucked in all the matter and light of Universe Number Two. As the universe compressed with the intense force of the black hole, it finally became a tiny speck in the cosmos, which is what it should have done, but there was a twist in fate that altered the chain of events. Instead of the speck compressing down into a tiny speck about the size of the head of a pin where it would have undergone a normal big bang and restarted a universe, the speck continued to compress until it changed state from matter to anti-matter. When the speck changed state, it was then the same state as its mirror image universe (Universe Number Six) on the other side of the big bang. The two universes tried violently to repel each other, but the forces were too great and the result was a massive explosion that rocked the cosmos.

This explosion, which caused the destruction of the two universes, also forced the destruction of all space. The only thing left in the cosmos was time. There were now no universes, no dust, no matter, no light, no heat, just empty space that went on forever in time.

This was supposedly the end of everything in the cosmos, but the prophecy told of a new beginning. In this void of empty space, a mental presence came into existence. It had named itself, The Mind. This presence was created by the clumping together of a very few strings of left over energy (combined with DNA) from the cataclysmic explosion. These few strings had bounced off the outer time/space wall of the cosmos, found each other, and clumped together. The presence then believed it had created the first tiny string of energy and had figured out how to create specks that would become universes when they exploded with their own big bang. So now we have the complete cycle for the beginning of time and the ending. The beginning and the end are in a cyclic circle that happens every Earth date, 60,122 AD.


 The science of time travel and the exploration of space is never ending. I have begun a new science fiction adventure titled, Star Travelers – The Promise Land.

Ronnie Coleinger

                              Genesis of the Cosmos

Have you ever considered how and when your God created the universe where we humans live? Have you ever wondered if your God had a plan when he created the universe, or if life as we know it was just an accident, as some suggest? If you have spent any time reading the bible, you undoubtedly have read Genesis. There, it is explained how God created the heavens and the earth. However, the question remains in my mind, when did He create the heavens, and when did He create planet Earth? Estimates give the age of the universe (time of the big bang) at around 15 billion years old. Estimates also give the age of planet Earth at around 4.5 billion years old. The bible and Jesus are from the time of human existence on this planet, and you should not consider them when discussing the origin of our universe. There certainly were no humans walking planet Earth during the first few million or so years of this planets existence. The bible only gives us recorded clues of human existence back 10 thousand or so years. I believe that the book of Genesis explains God’s involvement in the creation of man on this planet, but I have doubts that it explains the first life forms that appeared back 2 or 3 million years ago.

I believe we are breaking down the barriers between the humans living on planet Earth, and the beginning of our creation, the genesis, the core, the place, the beginning of it all, were God exists and started this existence we call, life on planet Earth.

For the first time in the history of our evolution, we are gaining the understanding and capacity to explain every fundamental feature upon which our universe is constructed. The human race has now begun to explore the vast outer reaches of our universe. Later in time, we may be able to travel to other universes: unknown dwellings for entities unimaginable to all, except for the Creator.

The smart people of planet Earth are trying to work towards completing Einstein’s desire for a unified field theory. As it appears now, his concept and insights seem correct. He simply needed one more lifetime or so to solve the remaining mysteries. I suspect that if Einstein had lived in the twenty-first century with today’s technology, he might have indeed solved the unified field theory.

It may be possible in the near future to describe some of nature’s forces within a single understandable framework (understandable to some at least). Some of the discoveries could unify both the theory of generally relativity, and the theory of quantum mechanics. This would be a major step forward for our modern day scientists. These very smart people are moving in leaps and bounds in an attempt to solve the unanswered questions that still defy our ability to create that unified field theory. Today’s scientists have the luxury of super computers, which allows them to perform calculations that would have taken years to solve in the past. They can also share their information with the simple click of a mouse with other scientists. This sharing of information is a critical factor in the rapid research that is taking place today. Someday, we may be able to share information with humans from the future as we learn to warp the space-time continuum. I believe we are getting very close to understanding how, why, where, and when this miracle we call the universe happened. Pay attention in the next fifty years, you will be astounded by the new concepts and answers.

There is some new research going on that involves the dimensions above the third and fourth that we all hear about from time to time. One of these theories is trying to boil down all the small particles into simple energy. It is called, eleventh dimension string energy. If the elements of nature were reduced down to nothing but pure energy instead of all the atoms, electrons, neutrons, and such, I believe this information might give me the insight I need to understand my own existence. I believe that God and science do fit together, just as the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit together; we just have to have an open mind and observe how God fit the pieces together.

 My Concept

 Consider my point of view for one moment. Try closing your eyes and consider a black, cold, empty space, a black void, a place where nothing is visible. Picture a night so black you cannot see your hand in front of your face. Now picture in the very middle of your vision, far off in the distance, a glimmering speck the size of the head of a pin. This is my concept of what existed before the present state of the cosmos, the cosmos we know today; my concept of the empty space just before the first universe experienced its big bang.

The forces of gravity had condensed all energy down into a tiny speck. There is nothing outside of this speck of energy, no light, no electromagnetic forces, and no heat. You will not find one bit of energy outside of the speck.

Suddenly, a spark from within our speck somewhere out in that vast primordial darkness ignites a nuclear chain reaction within the speck. This event starts forming so much pressure in the core that the pressure explodes the outer shell like an exploding cannon ball. The whole speck explodes in microseconds and the fragments start moving away from the core, slowly at first, but gain speed as more and more energy presses behind them.

Part of Einstein’s Principles of Relativity explains that whenever we discuss speed or velocity (direction of motion), we must specify precisely who or what is doing the measuring.

Here is a tiny concept to remember and ponder. Observers see moving clocks ticking more slowly than their own. This tells us that time is affected by motion.”

Another point to ponder is that light does not get old. A photon that emerged from the big bang is the same age today as it was then. There is no passage of time at light speed. Since there is no aging of time at light speed, the universe will continue to expand, at least from the observation point of the human race. As far as the universe is concerned, it was born this instant. Even though the universe is not aging in time, it is still expanding through space. Do not let your mind believe that there has to be a beginning and an end to each concept we try to rationalize. Just think of driving in a car and seeing the trees flying by as you look out the window. Now look at the dashboard. It is stationary in our perception and is not moving. This same concept is consistent throughout the universe; the space-time continuum is relative to the observer.

A speck contains pure energy, nothing else. The bits of energy have the capability of creating all the atomic particles used to create the chemicals, compounds, and fluids needed to create every bit of matter used to create the universe. This was my big obstacle to understanding in the past. There had to be something that contained the ingredients needed to create the matter that formed everything including the planets, and humans. All kinds of chemicals, atoms, and a genetic code to boot, all reduced to a speck, simply made no sense at all. The string energy theory allows me to accept that everything could form from the basic energy of a compressed speck.

I have stumbled with a concept called the law of biogenesis, which states that life only comes from previously existing life. For well over a century, scientists thought the law of biogenesis was as solid as the laws of gravity. This law may be true when applied to the universe as we know it today, however, does it apply when the universe was just a speck and controlled by pure energy. I do not believe the incredible designer of our universe installed the genetic code into the mix at this level. The mixing of the genetic code into the primordial stew we originated from, occurred at some point in time, but at what point in time is the million-dollar question? I believe the addition of living DNA here on planet Earth occurred much later in its development; quite likely from DNA contained within a comet that came to planet Earth. How the DNA got into the comet to begin with is a moot point, if you consider that the Creator did indeed create life somewhere in the vast cosmos.

In the Beginning

 Where does the God we all speak of come into play? What is it that we are actually calling God? If you can explain that, you can leave this world with a smile knowing that very few have solved the paradox of their own existence.

What I am trying to explain is the existence of an incredible designer of this universe that we live in, possibly a designer for millions of yet undiscovered universes. Whether you call this creator God, or some other name, we are all talking about the same entity.

The entity that placed that speck into the empty universe we call space is a little complicated, but now seems understandable to me.

The astrophysicists understand that the universe contains many galaxies and that each galaxy has a black hole in it. They also understand that even the Milky Way galaxy we live in is spinning around a massive black hole. However, what about one black hole so large that it could devour all of the galaxies that exist and compress every tiny bit of energy in our universe including light down into one tiny speck? Could this possibly happen? I believe that is has happened and will happen again, and again, and again. I call this the continuous speck theory.

I have come to believe in another theory; this one is the spontaneous generation theory. This theory goes on the belief that simple living organisms could come into being by the mixing of chemicals placed here for that purpose by our Creator at the beginning of our existence, just after the big bang. The existence of the first living organisms was not truly an accident at all, as thought by some. The chemicals to produce the genetic coding for life on planet Earth occurred at the time of the big bang. The genetic coding itself developed from the mixing of these chemicals in the primordial stew many millions of years later, just as the Creator intended. By the time a comet deposited DNA onto planet Earth, life had probably already formed somewhere in the vast cosmos.


We presently know of only one universe, but I believe we do interact with other parallel universes due to membrane warp into our present space-time continuum. There certainly must have been many specks in the original vast expanse of space (more than just the one that created our universe), and I am going to call that quantity of specks, God’s fishbowl. Our creator seldom wastes his energy. I, as a realist, cannot believe that He created this entire universe just to provide humans a place to live. With the millions of other galaxies and planets within this universe, I must accept the fact that God created other life forms on other planets.

Can you in all good conscious possibly believe that the cosmos just happened? If you understand even basic chemistry and physics, you have to accept that something created the first speck, which produced the first big bang. Be careful not to confuse the human belief in Jesus with God. God created the heavens and the earth. Humans, in their need for eternal life, created Jesus.

When earthlings begin to time travel and explore our cosmos, I believe we will be able to work our way back in time to the very beginning, a place where the Creator lives. The rapid exploration and discoveries coming out of today’s science is changing our understanding of the cosmos and our existence every day.

 Ronnie Coleinger