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 God bless America and all She stands for.


​                   Make America Great Again

            A Democrat who attacks the voters is a fool

                                   The Seine Mountain Highway

                                           Written for the Monique short story collection

 Hush my Ahti and I shall sing
A song for you to ponder

A tale of those who fought and died
To save a mountain’s soul

 A band of warriors, brave and true
Whose magic grew from eyes that flew

 A man who died from fangs so cold
A raven born in caves of gold

 As humans slashed and tore the earth
The mountain’s soul began to scream

 Within the earth lies ancient souls
Our forefather’s bones, their mountain homes

 The machines of man, which have no soul
Now mix their bones with gravel stones

 To build a road to fill their need
Corporate theft – casino greed

 The warriors fought to save their homes
Their magic strong – the dead fight on

Within good time, the fight is won
The backers lose – their coin now gone

 They pull the plug – the projects dead
The mountain breathes and begins to heal

 The greed of man – will not destroy
 This mountains fabled lore

Ronnie Coleinger



Copyright © Ronnie Coleinger Publishing

Star Travelers by Ronnie Coleinger

 “Computer, hard to starboard! Hard to starboard,” the commander screamed. The Time Travel Computer quickly made the necessary correction and passed within a kilometer or so behind the stationary object. The commander yelled again at the computer and asked, “Was that an asteroid?” The computer announced that the object was mechanical in nature, not a naturally occurring object one would normally find in the cosmos.

 The Galileo crew were all True Blood Demords. True Bloods were the native peoples of the planet Rowkin. Over the eons, humans from planet Earth had migrated to the planet and taken up residence there. The True Bloods were able to reproduce within their own kind, but breeding with humans or other visitors would not produce offspring. Therefore, the True Blood Demords were considered to be the ruling class. At birth the True Bloods were implanted with a device in their brain that allowed them to interface with a specialized computer called a Puissant. The Puissant was like a parent and would guide and protect the child until its twenty first birthday. At that time, the True Blood could choose to be disconnected from their Puissant so they could join the IFTT and time travel the cosmos if they chose to do so.

When the Starship Galileo was built, six True Blood Demords joined the crew and set out to explore the cosmos. The original six-person crew became one member short when Timothy’s partner resigned her Demordian commission and joined up with a fleet of starships under the control of Trish Wilson. During the Time Travel Computer upgrade at IFTT Headquarters - Andromeda, Timothy fell in love with Addalyne and asked her to join him in a connubial ceremony and then join the crew of the Galileo as their electrical engineer.

 An Excerpt

 Two very small fusion nuclear reactors power the Starship Galileo. The energy released from the reactors produces heat, which we then use to produce steam. That steam energy spins four small electrical generators to power our instrumentation and lighting. The steam is also used to operate all of our mechanical systems, such as doors or anything that is required to physically move. We long ago discovered that electrically operated motors and mechanisms often fail and are difficult to repair and require a large inventory of spare parts. Since the steam piping is produced with eleventh dimension strings of energy, replacement of a pipe or fitting simply requires the computer to write new binary coding. The steam operated mechanisms are easily maintained and repaired without a large inventory of spare parts. Since we use steam power throughout the Rowkin Planet, our engineers are well versed in the miniaturization and operation of steam powered equipment.

 The mission assigned to the Starship Galileo by the designers is to seek out new life forms and do scientific research within Universe Number Two, the universe where the Milky Way Galaxy is found. The Galileo’s mission statement provides instructions for the vessel to travel millions of years into the past to document the changes that have taken place in the universe, and then time travel many millions of years into the future in an attempt to predict what events in the cosmos will influence the universe.

       Coming Soon!

This eBook is scheduled for publish at Smashwords in 2018

Upcoming eBooks by Ronnie Coleinger

An Untimely Death

Robert dies when attacked by a large mountain lion while spending a few days at a remote cabin. Robert’s daughter, Trisha, was only six years old on the day of her father’s death. Three days later, at his funeral, the now thirty five year old Trisha shows up with her fourteen-year-old daughter, Miranda. 

Ronnie Coleinger

An Excerpt

Just as he stepped around the rocks and unbuckled his pants, he saw a shadow pass over his shoulder. A large animal leaped from the rock above him and landed on his back.

As the funeral director began to close the lid of his casket, his daughter turned and spoke to the man. The funeral director stepped aside and allowed Trisha to step up to the casket. She removed something from her pocket and placed it inside the casket along Robert’s right arm. The director spoke to her and said, “That is a nice thought. Burying Robert with the mountain lions broken tooth is quite appropriate, since the medical examiner did find the fang lodged in Robert’s spine: the very tooth that severed Robert’s spinal cord, I am told.”

Ronnie Coleinger

       Coming Soon!

The Star Travelers adventure is scheduled to enter the editing stage in 2018. This eBook has been two years in the making and is still a work in progress. I have turned this eBook into Steampunk. Stay tuned for updates about the progression of my writings.

Ronnie Coleinger

       Coming Soon!

This eBook is scheduled for publish at Smashwords in 2018